How may we help you? Contact us here.

How may we help you? Contact us here.

Meet The HeartWay

Our mission is to help create a world in which individuals, families, and communities embrace a harmonious relationship with the end-of-life transition — and where no one dies alone, in pain, or without love. The HeartWay provides invaluable support by collaboratively crafting a visionary map alongside individuals nearing the end of their lives and their families. This empowering process aids in navigating the intricate challenges of fear, complex medical systems, emotional and spiritual terrains, as well as practical decisions related to end-of-life matters.

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We offer end-of-life care, free events, and comprehensive trainings.

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Featured Training

Yoga Nidra
End-of-Life Training for Teachers

In this comprehensive 3-day online training, you will enhance your existing Yoga Nidra teaching practice by receiving in-depth training focused specifically on serving and caring for individuals during the end-of-life transition.

Through this program, you will gain valuable skills and knowledge to support and accompany those in their final stages of life with compassion and mindfulness.


How We Serve

End-of-Life Care

We support the dying and their families with end-of-life services, education programs referrals, and much more.


Free Events

Explore new ideas, experience new ways of being, and understand death as the most beautiful transition there is.




We provide online and inperson programs for end-of-life practitioners and those who want to support their loved ones.



Death, like birth, is a natural, accepted, and honored part of life, yet most of us avoid thinking about what we need to do to be at peace with it. If we think there will always be more time, we put off both our dreams and our obligations.

Let’s return to an awareness of our impermanence, so we remember the privilege it is to be alive and live more fully in the time that we have left. 

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